Interview With Edgar – How He Overcame Bullying And Lost 175 Pounds!

I came across Edgar’s story on twitter and instantly wanted to interview him. He is a young man who underwent the cruelty of bullying throughout his whole childhood because he was overweight After a reality check from the doctor Edgar realized its time to make a change. He lost 175 pounds and feels the best he’s ever […]

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Jon Calvo – The Man Who Never Gave Up (175 LB) Weight Loss

This is what it’s all about. Jon Calvo Lost 175 pounds and never gave up. Watch this inspirational video that he put together, and remember everything and anything is possible. 

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Interview With James Watkins – “I lost Over 90lbs”

When James contacted me with his story, I had to interview him. He went from being on the larger side most of his teenage life to now competing in body building competitions with confidence. It amazes me to find stories like Jame’s. Enjoy. 1 – Tell u little bit about yourself and what you accomplished? My […]

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Corey Harrison From Pawn Stars Lost Over 192 lbs!

Do you remember Corey Harrison from Pawn Stars? Well 4 years ago when the show first started Corey weighed over 400 lbs. Yes 400! That’s an insanely scary amount of weight to carry around. Corey realized that his life was at risk and decided that he had to go with lap band surgery “it was […]

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Burn Belly Fat Fast With This Circuit Challenge

Hey everyone! I uploaded a new circuit challenge that will have you burning belly fat while gaining muscle.  This weeks circuit challenge consists of: 1 minute High Knees 20 Bosu ball push up to plank (10 each arm) 20 Spider-man push ups (10 each arm) 10 Plate Push 10 Lateral Plate rotations 10 Around the […]

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Libby Westphal – One of The Most Inspiring Weight Loss Stories To Date

This is what Natesway is all about, this is why I do what I do, for stories like these. If you need inspiration this is it. Libby story reminds us that no matter how hard life hits you, you can still push forward. She overcame more events then most people and still found a way […]

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Taryn’s Story – “I have lost 150 pounds and am in the best shape”

It’s stories like these that I get excited about. No secrets, no magic pills, nothing supernatural, just hard work and determination. Taryn’s story is a great example of how you can accomplish anything. She went from 310 to 160 pounds and feels her absolute best. Enjoy this inspiring interview and see how exactly she accomplished […]

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Brian’s Story – “I lost over 80 pounds in under a year”

I had the pleasure to interview Brian and find out how exactly he accomplished losing 80+ pounds in one year. On his 30th birthday Brian decided to make a complete 360 degree turn that changed his life forever. Here is the interview, enjoy!   1 – Tell us a little bit about yourself and what […]

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Renata’s Story – Single Mom Who Went Through An Incredible Transformation

It’s stories like this that are a reminder that anyone can do it. Renata is a mother who realized she wasn’t happy with herself. Finding it hard to keep up with her energetic daughter she decided it was time to take on an incredible transformation! 1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you […]

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MOTIVATION – How Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone Will Change Your Life

A motivational story of a recent experience I went through during a 120 kilometer high intensity bike training session. During this experience I truly thought I wouldn’t make it and was genuinely out of my comfort zone without any way back. I was forced to face my problems and overcome them by the help of […]

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Lisa Schlosberg’s Story – “I lost 150 pounds”

A truly inspiring weight loss story of a determined individual who decided it’s time for a life change. Lisa went through a self realization experience and decided it’s time to lose her weight. She worked hard and overcame many difficult obstacles but the end result speaks for itself. She looks absolutely stunning and feels at […]

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Eli’s Weight Loss Story – How He Lost 100Lbs!

– Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you accomplished. I am a 43 year old husband & father of one child. I currently work full time as an operations manager for a third party distribution center managing close to 100 people and Senior Pastor and sole proprietor of a church started by […]

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Cynthia’s Story – “to date I have lost around 50 pounds”

Cynthia has been dealing with weight issues for most of her life. After being reminded year after year by her doctor that she needed to do something, she finally did. In 2007 Cynthia made the choice and began her weight loss journey. Today She is 50 pounds lighter and feels amazing. Not only does she […]

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Hannah’s Story – How She Lost Almost 50 lbs!

I’ve been in contact for a while now on Twitter. She would constantly message me for nutrition/fitness advice. Hannah literally started from scratch and used twitter as an effective tool to gain information and see results. I am very happy that I was able to track her progress and witness her transformation. Good work Hannah! […]

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Anna Phelan’s Inspiring Weight Loss And Transformation Story

I love crossing stories like Anna’s, this is an excellent interview with great a great description of her personal journey. Check out this inspiring story and get inspired! 1 – Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you accomplished. My name is Anna. I’m from Wisconsin and work as Student Advisor in Higher […]

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