Eating Lunch Out – Natesway Style

I went to one of my favorite breakfast and lunch restaurants in Montreal and had an incredible salad.

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Why I Do Hot Yoga

For the longest time the idea of stretching was never appealing to me. I mean who wants to patiently stand around stretching each muscle group for 30 seconds in hopes to gain flexibility. The problem was that there was no structure in my stretching routine. I felt like I was just doing a few stretches […]

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Natesway Makes It On The Radio!

Hey everyone! Natesway made it on The Ed Tyll Radio Show!!

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True Core Strength – This Dude Will Leave You Speechless

This guy is an absolute beast, I am literally speechless after watching this demonstration of mastery! Watch this video and get motivated and inspired, while you see the works of a lifetime of hard work and dedication all condensed into a 5 minute video.

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First Time Trying A Flight Simulator!

This past weekend I found myself landing a plane in Japan. Yes, landing a plane! I completed the landing, but let’s just say if it wasn’t a simulation and it was real life I don’t think I’d still have my job after that flight! A few friends and I decided to drive down to Toronto […]

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peter alex sled

Nateway’s Clients Pushing 650 lb On The Sled!

Every day is a new learning experience for me. Today I witnessed two of my clients push 650 pounds on the sled. It makes me proud to see such huge improvements with these 2 hard-working guys. 

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My Friend Ariel Wins His First Kickboxing Match

Today I had the pleasure to coach my friend Ariel in his first kickboxing competition. Ariel was recently interviewed on my blog for his incredible self transformation story and even after losing all that weight, Ariel still strives to improve himself. After nothing but hard work he took home the gold in his first kickboxing […]

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What’s In The Future For Natesway?

Hey everyone! The new year is around the corner. When I started Natesway it was just a twitter account with 5 followers (all of which were my friends). Now I have over 10 thousand followers and a pretty awesome website! I’m very happy to see how Natesway has went from nothing to something! I have […]

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You Will Never Want To Drink Coke Again After This!

I’ve always heard stories of people experimenting with sodas, for example if you leave a chicken bone in coke for a certain amount of time it disappears (yuck). But I just came across this article on the internet and I have to admit, it was beyond sickening. I don’t think I can ever have coke […]

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Natesway Reaches 10 Thousand Twitter Followers!

It feels like just yesterday that I was excited for having 40 twitter followers. Now I look at my twitter account and see over 10 thousand people tuning in. It’s really motivating to know that over 10 thousand people are interested in what I have to say. Natesway is growing and the best is yet […]

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Nate Wishes You A Happy Holiday!

Hey everyone, Christmas is tomorrow and I’m sure you are all very excited! Delicious food, good wine and plenty of surprises makes for an excellent holiday.

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Apple Picking and Fresh Apple Pie

Yesterday I went apple picking for the first time in over 10 years. We were surprised to see over a thousand apple trees. The experience was much more relaxing than I thought it would be, something about being out doors surrounded by trees is hard to put into words. The taste of freshly picked apples […]

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Natesway’s Youtube Channel

Hey everyone,  I am building my YouTube channel and uploading excellent content every week. Every Sunday I upload free circuits that you can do either at the gym or at home. My goal for this channel is to give you workout ideas and challenging circuits that could take your training to the next level. Whether […]

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