4 Common Types Of Exercise Systems

Exercises are mainly categorized in one of the following four types: Isometric, Isotonic, Anaerobic, Aerobic. I’m going to explain to you what exactly each one of these systems are.  Isometric Exercises Is an exercises where there is no range of motion happening yet the muscle is still engaged. Example: Holding a seated squat for thirty […]

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VLOG 1 – Easy Effective Tips For Staying Hydrated

Hydration is the key for performance and survival. Without staying hydrated you’re unable to perform at 100%. Here are some excellent tips you can do, to ensure you will remain hydrated in the hot temperatures.     

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Strengthen Your Bench Press With This Weeks Circuit

Hey everyone, this weeks circuit is an excellent chest circuit that will improve your bench press and increase your strength. A great combination of cardio and strength makes this circuit a real burner! Give it a shot  

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How To Beat A Fitness Plateau

Everything’s going good, you’re eating healthy doing lot’s of exercise but all of a sudden you realize nothing is changing. Your routines are becoming dull, you don’t feel any progress and you quickly begin to lose motivation. This is called a plateau and it is a common issue for people who work out routinely. Plateauing […]

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Brown hair woman with headphones jogging

Finding The Time To Work Out

If there is a general truth about the 21st century, it is definitely that people are very busy and they don’t have actual time in order to do everything that they plan, and therefore they need to make a few decision, organizing their agenda according to the importance of the activities. If you find yourself […]

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Back Pain and Always Stressed? Consider Hot Yoga!

Yoga has recently become very popular in the western society, it won’t take you much travelling to find a yoga studio in your area. This ancient art has originally been practiced in India dating back to as early as 200 BCE. It’s a blessing that yoga still exists in our time and proves to be very […]

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4 Outdoor Activities You Should Be Doing

The outdoors is absolutely beautiful but  unfortunately  many people don’t have the “time” to appreciate it. Don’t hold back, give your body what it wants. Enjoy the outdoors while getting a good workout in. Here are four outdoor activities you should be doing this summer right now! Hiking You’ve heard it before and you’re going […]

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5 Great Exercises To Beat A Cold

100’s of years ago the common cold used to kill people. Today we have the knowledge and the technology to beat the common cold in just a few days. Although there is no present cure for it, there are some exercises, yes exercises! That you can do to accelerate the healing process. Hot Yoga This […]

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3 Big Fitness Sins You May Be Making!

Sometimes we think that we are on the right track…You’re going to the gym, you have a great workout what else is needed? Avoiding these 3 sins of fitness may actually be the determining factor for injury prevention and weight loss! 1. You Starve Yourself After Working Out You just finished a good workout, and […]

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VLOG – TOP 3 Common Fitness Sins

Top 3 common fitness sins that happen more often than you think. Sometimes we think getting in a workout is all you need when in fact there are more variables to consider!

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What Does 1 Pound Of Fat Really Look Like?

Ever wondered what one pound of fat really looked like? You will be surprised to see how gross it really is, and if that’s not motivation to get in the gym and start training then I don’t know what is. Can you believe that that’s what one pound of fat looks like? fill up your […]

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How Sleep Can Improve Your Overall Life

For some people sleep is the last thing on their mind. Sometimes there is so much stuff to be done that we just don’t find enough time for sleep. This can pose a whole bunch of problems both mentally and physically. I personally need at least 8 hours of sleep a day to feel at […]

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Can’t Make It To The Gym? That’s Fine!

Can’t make it to the gym? That’s fine! I have created a list of exercises that you can easily do at home and still have a good workout. Sometimes time is not on our side, but luckily for these exercises all you need is a little space. Jumping rope Stepping (either climbing stairs or using […]

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3 Important Stretches You Should Do Everyday

Flexibility and mobility is decreasing rapidly for most people. Whether it’s sitting for hours on the computer, driving around or lying down our muscles are not being used the way the are supposed to. When muscles aren’t being used they become stiff and tight limiting mobility and flexibility. It is super important to warm these […]

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3 Gym Tips That Will Speed Up Your Weight Loss

Exercise is an essential component when it comes to weight loss. If you are trying to lose weight you need to have a balance of proper nutrition and of course lots of exercise. Here are 3 simple tips that will help increase your calorie burn.

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