“Everything good is found in ginger” 
– Ancient Indian proverb

Ginger was first used as a remedy in China and India during the first century. Chinese sailors used ginger as an effective remedy to stop motion sickness. It wasn’t long after that this remedy made its way to the Greeks and Romans through coastal trading. The Greeks began using ginger as a an affective digestive aid. After a big feast the Greeks would end the evening by eating ginger wrapped in bread. The ginger would act quick and relax their stomachs making it easier for them to digest large meals. Without them realizing it at the time they were in fact creating the worlds first cookie. Hence Gingerbread!

Ginger’s Benefits

Stomach soother – Ginger is known for relieving the uncomfortable feeling that’s caused by overeating by speeding up the digestive processes. It is recommended to have a hot ginger tea after a large meal.

Lowers cholesterol – Ginger helps lower the cholesterol count in your bloodstream by improving the digestions of fats. Ginger does this by aiding the gallbladder and liver in their production and transportation of bile (stomach acids) to the intestines where it helps digest fat.

Reduces cold and flu symptoms – For centuries ginger has been used as a natural remedy to fight off colds and flu. Recent scientific research has confirmed that ginger has the ability to boost the immune system, fight inflammation, reduce fevers and stop coughs!

Reduces blood clots – Ginger is natural blood thinner meaning it reduces the risk of the platelets from clumping together and creating blood clots. The less chance of your platelets clumping and clotting together means a significantly lower risk in heart attacks! SO Eat plenty of ginger!

Motion sickness – I’m sure all of you heard this before, but I’ll say it again. Ginger is very beneficial for reducing motion sickness, ex. long distance traveling on boats, planes and cars. The popular pill GRAVOL® is composed mainly out of ginger!

There are countless other benefits you will get from eating ginger, the list can go on forever… literally! To receive the maximum benefits from ginger you should eat approximately 2 to 4 grams of ginger per day. Try adding it to your recipes, soups or you can put some fresh ginger in your tea. When dining out for sushi try to eat the ginger they put on the side of the plate, you will be surprised at how good it is. It’s very clear that ginger is very beneficial for us so let’s take advantage of this magnificent root!

Have a good one! :)

  • They have ginger lemonade over here in CZ, and all sorts of flavored ginger juice.

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