night_snackingLet’s be realistic here. Sometimes we just find ourselves wondering in the kitchen late at night looking for the quickest bite. Obviously eating late at night doesn’t serve much nutritional benefit but if you’re going to eat late why not eat something healthy? Why is it that when think of late night snacking we think of junk food? 

Here are some great healthy snack ideas you can have if you find yourself looking for that midnight bite.

Sliced apples and cheese – A low-calorie delicious snack that may be all you need to kill those cravings

Bananas dipped in peanut butter – Use about 1 tablespoon of peanut butter and slice a banana and enjoy. This snack is under 150 calories and will definitely satisfy you.   

Carrots and humus – Mmm, delicious at any time of the day. This yummy low-calorie snack can be a great midnight snack. 

Greek yogurt and blueberries – This is an awesome mix that  is low-calorie and very tasty. 

Kale chips… of course! –  Under 60 calories and is absolutely delicious, check out my recipe for kale chips here

Although I don’t recommend late night snacking , if you absolutely have to you may as well make it a healthy one! Just because it’s healthy doesn’t mean it’s not yummy. The snacks I listed above are delicious and will most certainly fill your cravings. 


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