icetrayPeople ask me all the time how to make their water taste more interesting. Many people resort to substituting water for sodas and juices without realizing how much unnecessary sugar they’re consuming. I have found that this healthy trick will make your water taste amazing and will fill your cravings for sugary drinks.

All you need is your favorite frozen fruits and a blender. I enjoy using mango, raspberries and strawberries for this trick. Blend your frozen fruits in the blender with a little water and add the sorbet mix to an ice-cube tray then freeze it. About 1 hour later you should have colorful healthy ice cubes. You can add these ice cubes to your drinking water and enjoy!

Many clients of mine have tried this trick and tell me how delicious it is. I recommend you trying this out, if you don’t have a blender you can just freeze fruits in water for a similar outcome. Water is the most important liquid, we are composed of about 70% water and without it we can’t survive. Drinking sodas and juices can be detrimental to our health in excess. Sugar spikes could potentially lead to diabetes and other health related risks. This simple trick will be low in sugar and in calorie while having an awesome flavor.

Try it out and post your feedback below!


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