871702Everything’s going good, you’re eating healthy doing lot’s of exercise but all of a sudden you realize nothing is changing. Your routines are becoming dull, you don’t feel any progress and you quickly begin to lose motivation. This is called a plateau and it is a common issue for people who work out routinely. Plateauing is never fun and can get really frustrating for many people. Once the body fully adapts to a certain workout regime you need to switch it up in order to target different muscle fibers for growth. If you do the same exercises every time you go to the gym, your muscles will register that and take the necessary measures to adapt. When people ask me how to avoid plateauing I simply tell them, every 8-12 weeks you need to completely switch up your work out routine so your muscles never get comfortable and have to keep on guessing what will be next. 

Here are some excellent tips you can use to beat your fitness plateau

Go a little heavier!
Challenge yourself with a little extra weight. If you are constantly hitting the 15-20 rep mark, try to add more weight to the given exercises for less reps. This will increase your strength and force your muscle into a fully contracted state.

Increase cardio intensity
Up the speed in intervals during your cardio routine. If you’re on the treadmill for 15 minutes up the speed by .5 every minute until you’re basically sprinting at the end. This will get your heart rate pounding and calories burning.

Focus on your weaknesses 
This is a common issue for people when it comes to working out. “My legs are so weak, I’m embarrassed to work them out” is one of many examples I’ve heard. The truth is, the weaker muscles may be the root to your problems. Make it a point to work those muscle groups more. Not only will you gain strength in new areas but you will most certainly beat your fitness plateau.

Take a week off
Yes, seriously. Allowing your muscles to have recovery time can make a big difference in the gym. Chances are your muscles are over worked and need a rest. Giving your body that 1 week could make a huge difference when it comes to beating your fitness plateau.

Hope this helps you!


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