IMG_0489Do you have a friend who cooks your steak well done every time no matter what you initially requested? We all like to think we know how to cook steak but do we actually? A common household technique used when cooking steak is to cut the center open and peak in. Unfortunately this technique causes the meat to lose some of its delicious juices and you most definitely don’t want that! The following advice will change your steak cooking experience forever! And next time you eat at your friend’s house and they offer to make you the “perfect” steak show them this article first.

Cooking The Perfect Steak

Cooking steak is not always an easy task. Some of us like it rare or medium and others like it well done (what’s wrong with them?) A great way to know the temperature of your meat is to press it and see how much resistance it offers compared to your thumb. What??? Hold your horses, let me explain:

Rare steak
Press the tip of your index finger and thumb together making the “OK” sign. Then with your other hand use your index finger and press the fleshy part of the thumb. That amount of resistance is equivalent to a rare piece of steak. 

Medium-rare steak
Press the tip of your middle finger to your thumb and press the other index finger to the fleshy thumb muscle. That is how a medium-rare steak should feel.

Medium Steak
Still has a little pink on the inside. Press the tip of your ring finger to your thumb and feel the same part of your hand. That is how a medium steak should feel.

Well-done Steak 
Which shouldn’t even be allowed! Press your pinky finger to your thumb. That fully flexed feeling is how a well-done steak should feel.

Another great tip you should know about is: Always let the steak rest for about 5 minutes before cutting in to it because the steak will continue to cook for a few minutes after it is removed from the heat. Doing this will also ensure that the juices stay locked in and no flavor will escape! Now go and enjoy a lovely piece of steak and cook it the right way :) 


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