Yoga has recently become very popular in the western society, it won’t take you much travelling to find a yoga studio in your area. This ancient art has originally been practiced in India dating back to as early as 200 BCE. It’s a blessing that yoga still exists in our time and proves to be very beneficial for the daily practitioner.
Two main health issues for people in today’s society are lower back pain and high stress levels. Almost everyone who I come across constantly complains about their back problems. This is mainly caused from sitting for long hours, poor posture and lack of stretching. Stress also plays a big factor in your health as well. Ever heard the saying “you had me worried sick” ? It seems like everyone is always rushing to get to places and trying to be on time even when they aren’t even late to begin with (don’t get me started on road rage!). “The movies playing at nine o’clock its four right now so I have to rush home get ready to make the movie”. Don’t lie we’ve all been guilty of saying that phrase before even me.


Whether you have terrible back pain or you’re just overly stressed, yoga can fix both. I personally prefer hot yoga because I find it more mentally and physically challenging. Believe me it’s not easy stretching and balancing your whole body in a room that’s heat is set to over 35 degrees. It’s especially difficult when you’re trying to catch your breath and all that you can breathe in is this hot thick air caused by the humidity.This is where the mental strength is being worked, anxiety can build up quickly and you may want to even quit, it’s that moment when you don’t give up and you complete the class that makes yoga so rewarding. Not only did you overcome a hard work out but you overcame a constant mental battle with yourself.
When I first started hot yoga (about 6 months ago) I could barely touch my toes, now I can slip both my hands under my feet while standing with my legs straight. My posture has also improved significantly, I used to suffer from lower back pain and now because of doing yoga 3 times a week I feel less tense in most of my body.

If you’re interested in trying a yoga class, I suggest checking out your local hot yoga studio. Most yoga studios offer karma classes that cost about $5 once a week. Try a class and see what the big deal is but I guarantee you will be hooked!

Nate :)

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