When James contacted me with his story, I had to interview him. He went from being on the larger side most of his teenage life to now competing in body building competitions with confidence. It amazes me to find stories like Jame’s. Enjoy.
1 – Tell u little bit about yourself and what you accomplished?
My name is James Watkins, I’m 22, born in Nanaimo British Columbia, played Jr. A hockey in cape cod Massachusetts. Currently have my own business, Watkins Property Management and was just sponsored by the supplement company: Naturally Fit Canada and I lost over 90lbs
2 – What inspired you to take action and make this incredible change?
I became inspired to change after high school seeing pictures where I was always the largest person in the photos. I got tired of feeling bad about my appearance and decided to make a complete change.
3 – Did you find it difficult to stay on track during the process?
I found it very difficult at first to stay on track and keep dedicated/motivated.
4 – What helped you stick with it and not give up? Because I know it can get tough.
The biggest thing that helped me stick with it was seeing the results. When I began to see my body start changing I was more motivated than ever. I kept thinking to myself that it’s just one step closer to my ultimate goal.
5 – Were your friends and family encouraging you during the experience? If so, do you find it helped you stay motivated and kept you going?
My friends and family were all very encouraging. They always commented on how great I looked and complimented me on the effort I made. It certainly helped me stay motivated because in the moments of doubt and when you think it’s just an endless journey my family really helped me see the change.
IMG_02286 – What are some of the benefits you got from the whole experience?
Some of the benefits I got from the whole experience is that I know what its like to be that embarrassed guy at the beach or the person who doesn’t like taking pictures, its kept me humble and really made it so I can relate to anyone on their fitness journey. The single largest benefit of the whole experience is that I can finally be happy/comfortable with my body.
7 – There is so many options for people to lose weight but many are still finding it difficult to achieve. What exactly did you do to lose that weight?
DIET! not a fad diet, or crash diet, but an actual nutrition plan with balance, making sure I got the proper amount of protein and dietary fat. Resistance training, don’t focus as much on cardio as weights, the cardio is great but muscle contributes to burning fat and when you get to that lean state you want to have built a solid base of muscle.
8 – If you were able to go back in time before you made the change what advice would you give yourself?
I would have just started sooner, listened to the people who preached about nutrition and exercise. now I find there is nothing better.
9 – Do you have any advice for those who don’t know how to get started?
I would suggest asking people and doing research, don’t be shy to ask someone who is in very good shape for some advise, I’m sure they love to talk about it. when it comes to diet or training routines id personally suggest read the nutrition stickies and get on a basic starting routine, but to me the biggest rule is Nutrition than training. If you’re not fueling your body correctly you shouldn’t be in the gym.  you wouldn’t put diesel in a Ferrari.
10 – You have an inspiring story! Is there any way for people to follow you? Perhaps a blog?
 you can follow me on twitter at @james_watkins91   or on Facebook at
 I always answer any questions and love to give friendly advice. Cheers!
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