o-COREY-HARRISON-WEIGHT-LOSS-570Do you remember Corey Harrison from Pawn Stars? Well 4 years ago when the show first started Corey weighed over 400 lbs. Yes 400! That’s an insanely scary amount of weight to carry around. Corey realized that his life was at risk and decided that he had to go with lap band surgery “it was something I had to do -– I was not going to get diabetes!” 

After his surgery within the first 6 weeks Corey lost 50 lbs, followed by another 100 lbs the following year! He went from 400lbs to 210 while gaining new insights! He explained it was a pivoting moment in his life and he realized what he had done to himself and will never go back.

It’s always motivating and nice to read stories like this, although I didn’t have the opportunity to interview him personally I feel his story is still an inspiring one and should be shared with you guys! 

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