100’s of years ago the common cold used to kill people. Today we have the knowledge and the technology to beat the common cold in just a few days. Although there is no present cure for it, there are some exercises, yes exercises! That you can do to accelerate the healing process.

Hot Yoga

This is a great way to flush out the toxins in the body through sweating. If you ever tried a hot yoga class, you know it can get very sweaty. Yoga also involves lots of breathing techniques that help clear and relieve the sinus airways making it easier to breathe.


Studies have shown that regular runners feel much better after a run. You don’t have to do your usual distance but getting on your feet and breaking a sweat can act as a natural decongestant. 

Light Weightlifting

Just because you have a cold does not mean you can’t lift weights. If your following a workout schedule you can still lift. Instead of lifting to your maximum capacity, drop the weight to about half and have a light workout.  Resistance training can increase blood flow in the body which gives energy and dopamine.


Going for a light swim can clear your congesting and boost your energy while increasing blood flow throughout the body. Make sure to dry off well when getting out of the water.


Take a fun class like zumba! It will lighten your mood while your getting in a good workout. This will alleviate stress from the body and increase blood flow and the speed up the healing process. 


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