No food after 7 PM sounds easy on paper but in reality it’s not. For most people this can be very challenging because of the way people live and work. Rushing home from work, putting the kids to sleep or coming home late from school makes it very easy to snack after dinner time. Unfortunately this is one of the leading causes for weight gain and a main contributor for poor digestion. 

Your body runs on its own clock and as the sun goes down and your body prepares for sleep and your metabolism begins to slow down. By not eating from 7 PM till 7 AM you’re putting your body through a mini fast for about 12 hours, which will allow your body to use and burn any extra waste that it needs to get rid of. 

Make it a goal to eat dinner before 7 PM. I know this can be tough for many but the benefits of this will be very noticeable. To avoid feeling hungry at night make sure your day is full balanced with breakfast, lunch and dinner. Snacking is meant to fuel you, not satisfy cravings. We are stuck in this mentality of eating for pleasure when in reality we are supposed to eat for performance. Kill late night hunger cravings by drinking herbal teas such as green or peppermint, this will relax the stomach and get your mind off of those night cravings!


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