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I had the pleasure to interview Brian and find out how exactly he accomplished losing 80+ pounds in one year. On his 30th birthday Brian decided to make a complete 360 degree turn that changed his life forever.

Here is the interview, enjoy!  

1 – Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you accomplished.
My name is Brian Ashkinaz, I am a 31. I lost over 80 pounds in under a year. I went from a size 44 pant to a 34 pant, and a xxl shirt that was getting to be to small to now wearing a large. Went from not being able to run a mile without stopping to finishing a 5k and a 10k race.

2 – What inspired you to take action and make this incredible change?
I literally woke up on my 30th birthday and told myself “you have gone 30 years being fat, lets do 30 a different way.” I still do not know if there is any one thing that made me change my mind and want to do what I did… I just did it.

3 – Did you find it difficult to stay on track during the process?
I did not find it to difficult to stay on track. I lived by myself and was able to surround myself with healthy foods and I had a lot of free time to exercise and get lots of sleep.

4 – What helped you stick with it and not give up? Because I know it can get tough.
I have always been a pretty athletic person and very determined and hard headed… so just being a stubborn hard headed bull of a man helped me stay on track. Looking in the mirror and seeing changes and looking at my running and lifting logs and seeing the gains and growth helped a lot too. Seeing success and not failure lifted my spirits and kept me moving in the right path.

5 – Were your friends and family encouraging you during the experience? If so, do you find it helped you stay motivated and kept you going?

I live about an hour away from most of my friends and family, so I didn’t see them to much during the process. I am usually a pretty private person as well so I kind of kept it to myself. But when I would get together with them and they would just be blown away with my success that always helped and kept a smile on my face.

Shroom TECH Sport by Onnit6 – What are some of the benefits you got from the whole experience?

I have a ton of confidence now, I have determination and a much stronger will. And overall happiness in myself and my future.

7 – There is so many options for people to lose weight but many are still finding it difficult to acheive. What exactly did you do to lose that weight?
First thing first is I cleaned out my entire kitchen, fridge, pantries, secret hiding spots lol. Then I went to the store and bought nothing but healthy things… fruit, salad, veggies, chicken. Then secondly I cancelled my gym membership. After that I started with a 10 day juice cleanse that I had gotten the idea from a documentary “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” by Joe Cross and our buddy Mr. Joe Rogan and his “HULK LOADS!”
Then I went out and got a good pair of running shoes and started the Couch to 5k program. It is a great way to start and turns out to be challenging and tests your own mental toughness. I also did a lot of research on different kettle bell routines from Steve Maxwell and Mike Mentzer and made my own work outs combining the things I had learned from them. I also implemented some of the P90X routine into my work outs. I would do the stretch and cardio DVDs on off days. But I would be working out 5 to 6 days a week for about an hour or two a day.

8 – If you were able to go back in time before you made the change what advice would you give yourself?
I had always been big, so I would go back as far as I could and tell myself to get healthy as soon as possible. It really is a life changer. I can do so much now that I couldn’t even imagine before. I am now able to run for hours and play full games of Rugby, and go hiking with my amazing girl friend. I have not found a thing I can not conquer now. Everything is easier.

9 – Do you have any advice for those who don’t know how to get started?
Just take it one day at a time… Do what works for you. If joining a gym or a diet support group works for you then do it. But don’t be afraid to try. You can’t fail or succeed unless you try. And when your tired just keep putting one foot in front of another. And probably the most important, make it enjoyable, what helped me with the long cardio days was listening to podcasts. From the JRE to Dan Carlin to even books on tape. Just make it fun.

10 – You have an inspiring story! Do you have any last words you’d like to share with anyone?
Thank you to my amazing girlfriend who helped me when I needed it. And showed me that the grass really is greener on the other side of the fence.

Good work Brian!

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