IMG_0252This past weekend I found myself landing a plane in Japan. Yes, landing a plane! I completed the landing, but let’s just say if it wasn’t a simulation and it was real life I don’t think I’d still have my job after that flight! A few friends and I decided to drive down to Toronto for 6 hours and try this new Flight simulator. Which I have to admit was a really cool experience!

When we first stepped in to the cock-pit (I hope that’s how you spell it) we were quickly amazed at how realistic the whole thing was. I mean we never been in a real cock-pit before but it did feel like a real one!

Here is what we saw when we stepped in


I have to say the experience was memorable and very informative. I now have a better understanding on how planes work and realize just how much work is actually required from pilots. These guys have it tough! They have to fly a plane filled with hundreds of passengers and a whole lot of complicated controls and screens! 

Here is me perfectly landing a plane in Tokyo!

Now the question is, would you let me pilot your flight? 


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