Healthy Tips for Family Vacations

Keeping my family healthy is always a top priority for me. When the kids are in
school, I make sure to pack healthy snacks for them to enjoy. We make sure to stay
active as a family, and the kids love to participate in sports. While on vacation, it can
be easy to slip out of this active routine, but I’ve learned some tricks for keeping my
family’s healthy habits alive and well no matter where we roam.

Family Fun Runs

When planning a vacation, I like to see if there are any 5k runs or other local running
events in which we can participate. Participating in these runs as a family keeps us
active. It also gives us an opportunity to meet local people. We always get a chance
to see and do things in the community that we might have missed otherwise. At
many of these events, there are special races for kids under 10 to enjoy.

Restaurant Eating

Eating out can destroy a diet. Although I like to think of my family’s healthy habits as
a lifestyle rather than a diet, I’m aware of the dangers of restaurants. On vacation,
eating out is a necessity. However, I help my family eat better by choosing places
with healthy menu options. I always encourage the kids to choose fresh veggies or
fruit over greasy fries. I personally cut back when eating out by avoiding cheese or
extra sauces that add empty calories.


Although my workout routine won’t be the same as usual on vacation, I can get
plenty of walking in. My family tries to walk rather than ride a tram or shuttles to
nearby attractions. We also take the stairs instead of elevators. In the evenings, we
get even more exercise by playing together at the hotel pool. Even small amounts of
activity add up for good calorie burns.

Healthy Snacks

I always pack plenty of healthy snacks for my family on vacation. This helps
everyone keep from getting hungry when mealtimes are delays. I always pack
homemade trail mix. Adding a few M&Ms to it keeps the sweet tooth satisfied.
Having dry snacks handy also helps us avoid overindulging at mealtimes.

Vacation is a fun, special time. I find that my family enjoys vacation more when we
make an effort to stick to healthy habits on the road. This also makes it easier to
return to normal routines when we get home. These tips are great for families and
are things we will be doing on our upcoming trip to Orlando. Another neat little trick is
booking a hotel with a quality gym for convenience and incase of rain. With so many
places to stay in Orlando it is an overwhelming process. Calling the hotel your self or
using sites like Gogobot make the process so much easier. With sites, you can even
read user reviews so you will feel even more comfortable.

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