Have you ever wondered why after eating certain foods you literally feel hungry within the hour? This is because certain foods break down faster than others and turn to sugars causing more food cravings. 


Yes good old bread! Most packaged breads have hidden fructose corn syrup inside which spikes your blood sugar to a high followed by a crash Researchers speculate that this not only activates hunger but activates the reward centers in the brain causing you to have more cravings for processed foods.

Chinese Food

Yes… Chinese food. The MSG (flavoring enhancing chemical added to Chinese food) may cause your hunger levels to spike. MSG is usually added to enhance the flavor and increase appetite during the meal. 

Chocolate with Sea Salt

This is one of my favorite combinations! These delicious contradicting flavors have been one of the best pairs found. Unfortunately when eating this the presence of fat in chocolate can increase how appetizing and satisfying the sugars and salt are causing us to feel hungry and crave other foods.


Ever get those midnight McDonald’s runs after a night out drinking? Unfortunately the more you drink the more food you begin to crave because alcohol enhances the taste of fatty foods.  

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