sin2013Sometimes we think that we are on the right track…You’re going to the gym, you have a great workout what else is needed? Avoiding these 3 sins of fitness may actually be the determining factor for injury prevention and weight loss!

1. You Starve Yourself After Working Out

You just finished a good workout, and decide to keep your body burning calories without having any food for quicker results? Won’t work. Eating after training is important especially if you had a high intensity session. Without eating after a workout you can slow down your recovery time, increase fatigue and have low blood sugar levels. Ideally try to eat within the hour after working out, to make sure that you feed your muscles and give yourself that energy for the rest of the day.

2. You Do Nothing All Day After Working Out

If you train at nights then skip this sin, you get a free pass. If you commit this sin on the regular you have been warned. If you sit for the rest of the day or lye in a certain position for too long after working out, you may have an increase in muscle soreness and overall fatigue. Keep your blood flowing by moving around rather than staying in one spot.

3. Ugh Stretching? Let’s Skip it!

Yes… this is the most detrimental sin of all. Skipping out on the stretching is far more common than you think. Unfortunately the repercussions for not stretching could come quick and take twice as long to fix. Stretching should be mandatory after every workout. It’s important to lengthen the muscle after excessive flexion to help avoid muscle soreness and muscle strain. Make it a habit to stretch the muscles used after each workout. You will thank me later!


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