peter alex sledEvery day is a new learning experience for me. Today I witnessed two of my clients push 650 pounds on the sled. It makes me proud to see such huge improvements with these 2 hard-working guys. 

It has only been two months working with them and when they first started they were unable to push more than a 100 pounds. After 2 months of intense training with me they have earned the strength to push 650 pounds as their new max rep. 

Alex Pushing eleven 45 pounds plates, with me on top as well.

Peter Pushing eleven 45 pounds plates, with me on top as well.

I feel humbled and proud to be a part of their transformation and to use them as an example for anyone who wants to get back in shape. All it takes is hard work and dedication, there are no secrets! If you can, I highly recommend training with a personal trainer, because you will have to push to your limits!

Good work fellas!

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