20131206_110449Hey everyone!

The new year is around the corner. When I started Natesway it was just a twitter account with 5 followers (all of which were my friends). Now I have over 10 thousand followers and a pretty awesome website! I’m very happy to see how Natesway has went from nothing to something! I have some awesome plans for the future and I don’t mind sharing some of them with you!

Shroom TECH Sport by OnnitI don’t want to spoil anything but sometime in the year 2014 I will release my first E-book that will be available for free. I’m still working on the details as to what the book will be about but I promise it will be good :) Also for the new year I will start a podcast and Vlog allowing me to have a stronger more intimate connection with my fans.

Stay tuned, the new year seems very promising for Natesway! I appreciate all the support and great emails you all send me and I won’t stop!

Have a good one!


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