motivationA motivational story of a recent experience I went through during a 120 kilometer high intensity bike training session. During this experience I truly thought I wouldn’t make it and was genuinely out of my comfort zone without any way back. I was forced to face my problems and overcome them by the help of no one but myself. The lessons I learned from this experience can be transferred to all aspects of life and I explain exactly how.

Enjoy this video and get inspired!

  • xoxo_lovekimber

    Love the part where you speak about the distance being equal, and quitting or pushing through it. The distance between the present and the last day of my life is set. If I stay “still” fearing challenges and discomfort, I will wither, shrink and my spirit will die. If I step up to the “hills” and choose to climb, I will discover what I’m really made of!

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