I’ve always heard stories of people experimenting with sodas, for example if you leave a chicken bone in coke for a certain amount of time it disappears (yuck). But I just came across this article on the internet and I have to admit, it was beyond sickening. I don’t think I can ever have coke again after looking at this simple disturbing experiment. Brace yourselves this is a game changer. Oh and if you’re drinking coke as you’re reading this I suggest to stop until you finish reading!

For this experiment all is needed milk, a bottle of coke and a strong stomach. 


Poor the milk into the coke bottle for a delicious cocktail.


Close the coke bottle and let it sit for about 6 hours of delicious brewing.


After the milk has settled in the coke, this is what you’re left with. 


Can you believe this? It absolutely makes me sick. I don’t think I could ever stomach coke again knowing that it is probably doing something similar to the photo above in my stomach. YUCK!

Let’s get one more look of the bottom portion again.



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