potatochips.jpeg.size.xxlarge.letterboxHere is a list of some snack that people eat on the regular that are actually very unhealthy for you.

Microwaved Popcorn

Microwaved Popcorn contains a high amount unhealthy trans fats (for shelf stability). Usually the sodium content in a bag of popcorn is very high as well. Plus, the insides of the bags are often coated with chemicals to prevent the popcorn from sticking!

Honey-Roasted Salted Nuts

The combo of sugar, fat, and salt makes these very easy to overeat. While there’s also some evidence roasting nuts can deplete them of some of their protein, the sugar and salt content outweigh the benefits the nuts have to offer. So when choosing nuts make sure they have nothing added to them.

Rice Cakes

Are popular mainly because of their low calorie count unfortunately most are made from processed white rice, which is high in blood-sugar spiking carbohydrates. Often times they are flavored which means more sugars and salts are added. If you are going to eat rice cakes look for the ones made out of quinoa.

Potato Chips

Do I need to say more? Not only are potato chips high in calories, fats and sodium, they are a high glycemic vegetable meaning it can spike the blood sugar. Also because of the oily fats, it’s almost impossible to just eat one chip!!

Canned Fruits

Mmm. Canned pineapples and peachs, how yummy! Unfortunately these fruits in a can are blasted with preservatives and often times are sitting in liquids that contain surgery syrup in order to stay sweet. This often has a very high sugar content and can spike the blood sugar levels drastically. 

Granola Bars

Be careful just because it’s a granola bar doesn’t necessarily mean it’s healthy for you. Most granola bars a packed with sugars, salts and other ingredients that aren’t exactly healthy. Look at the ingredients of your favorite bar, you will be surprised to see a over 10 different ingredients inside! The best option is to make your own granola bars from scratch. Store bought bars are usually “Dressed up candy bars” so be careful!


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