redwineHow much is enough? This is the question faced by many of the wine connoisseurs around the world. A little amount of wine can revitalize the nervous system, and can refresh blood flow. But too much can replace the blood! Healthy Red Wine consists of many compounds that act as potent anti-oxidants. The benefits of Red Wine can be best understood by analyzing the different aspects associated with wine constituents, preparation, storage and consumption.

Healthy Red Wine is composed mainly of amino acids, sugar, minerals and glycerol.

  • The amino acids which form 550 mg per liter of red wine play a critical role in toning of body muscles and boost their growth. Besides, amino acid acts as a strong appetizer. That means it improves the co-ordination involved in the process of metabolism between the liver and he stomach. People tend to develop more appetite. 
  • Sugar which is in the ratio of 750mg per liter boosts the bodily energy to considerable heights.
  • The mineral content which is in the ratio of 1200 mg per liter, boost the anti-oxidant property of the blood. It also works against Atherosclerosis, wherein the blood vessels tend to lose their natural ability to relax. The blood flow gets often cluttered due to thickening of blood vessel inner walls. The induction of nitric oxide, into the bloodstream prevents injury to the vascular system, and reverses the effect of platelets which often cause blood clotting in the central nervous system. This reduces the risks of a potential heart attack to a larger extent.

The anti-oxidants present in Healthy Red Wine have many positive effects. Benefits of red wine for the cardio and nervous system are 

  • Reduces risk of heart attack and paralysis strokes 
  • Reduces the risk of cancer
  • Improves brain activity 
  • Helps in increasing the lifespan of blood vessels and neurons 
  • Induces additional immunity into white blood cells 

The methods of wine preparation have a profound effect on its quality. Standard methods use fresh ingredients and the duration of fermentation can make a lot of difference to the final product. Experts’ advice goes for standard branded wines to ensure a healthy drink. Storage method is another criterion that preserves the quality of wine for a longer duration. Now is the most important aspect, consumption. It is always better to take a doctor’s advice for the quantity, frequency and the timing of consumption to get the best of results.

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