sleeping-dogFor some people sleep is the last thing on their mind. Sometimes there is so much stuff to be done that we just don’t find enough time for sleep. This can pose a whole bunch of problems both mentally and physically. I personally need at least 8 hours of sleep a day to feel at my best the next day. Getting the right amount of sleep per night can bring many notable benefits, I will provide you a list of some of the important benefits.

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Improves Brain Functioning 

Ever felt like a zombie after pulling an all nighter? Like your body, your brain needs rest too! In your average day, you are constantly exposed to people, conversations, lights, sounds etc… All this sensory input can tire your brain out. Sleep can be looked at as a form of meditation, complete silence of the mind making sleep the perfect reset button!

Improves Alertness

After a good nights sleep you may find yourself more Alert. As mentioned above sleep is essentially a reboot button for your mind. With increased alertness you will find that daily tasks will be much simpler and you will be much sharper as well. 

Controls Stress Levels

Nothing can make you more stressed than being fueled on caffeine with lack of sleep. When your body and mind are pushed past their limits, you will easily feel agitated and stressed. With a good nights sleep you will notice that things that usually make you stressed won’t seem to bother you as much!

Improves Physical Performance 

We have all had our bad days at the gym. Some days we feel great and everything is going right and other days it feels like you are 3 steps behind and nothings working. This could be caused by lack of sleep. Try an experiment on yourself, on gym days try to get at least 8 hours of sleep prior and see how you perform at the gym. You may be surprised to find that you have more productive gym sessions with the right amount of rest.

Gets More Work Done

Some people like to stay up all night and study for an upcoming exam. The problem with this is they may be studying in larger quantities but they are lacking in quality. Quality will always triumph quantity. Instead of pulling an all nighter and messing with your brain chemistry try to fit sleep into your schedule. The next time you catch yourself saying “I need all night to finish this” remind yourself that you will get more out of it after a good nights sleep.

Prevents Sickness

Ever worked so hard that you ended up getting sick? When you over work your body past a certain level your immune system is temporarily shot leaving you prone to unwanted sickness. This is also known as “being burnt out” Always give yourself the right amount of sleep every night in order to keep your immune system strong.


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