Paint-your-road_tu_fb_gpI love motivational and inspiring quotes because it is a beautiful way to simplify something difficult into a few words. When you encounter a difficult task it is always helpful to see a different perspective that allowes you to gain new insights!

Here is a 5 inspiring quotes that will surely give you a new perspective!

1. The struggle you’re in today, is developing the strength you need for tomorrow – Robert Tew

2. Life’s a stage and you only get one performance. Make  it a good one – Unknown

3. The one who follows the crowd will usually get no further than the crowd. The one who walks alone, is likely to find himself in places no one has ever been – Albert Einstien

4. If you can find a path with no obstacles it probably doesn’t lead anywhere – Frank A. Clark

5. The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why – Mark Twain


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