StressedOfficeWorkerAre you working an office job that has you sitting 8 + hours a day? Do you feel that its hard to stay motivated after a long day at work? With these simple work tricks you can keep motivated and healthy on the clock! Here are some things you can do to stay healthy and active at work.

  1. Walk a lap – If you work in a large office try to walk 1 lap around the whole office at least once every hour. This will keep your blood flowing and will make a BIG difference. 
  2. Bathroom squats! –  This may sound weird but it works wonders! Every bathroom break you take, do 25 body weight squats. This will allow the blood to rush to your legs causing a nice pump and instantly burn calories. You can do this in the stall to avoid your boss walking in and second guessing your job!
  3. Packed lunches ONLY! – A main issue people have with working long hours is eating out. when the lunch break hits everyone rushes out to grab a quick bite at the local restaurant. The problem here is that most restaurant food is not as healthy as you think. You could get away with ordering a salad and a protein but why not pack your own healthy lunch? I mean not only do you save on calories but you save money as well!
  4. Stairway to heaven –  Yes stairs, stairs and only stairs. Even if your workplace is on the 40th floor. Ok, maybe 40th floor is a little extreme, too bad! Take the stairs. You will be surprised how hard it is to climb flights of stairs, it’s a workout in itself. 
  5. Get your co-workers on board – Talk to your co workers and get them on board with you, make it a motivating environment. When others are joining in it becomes much easier to stay on track! 

With these 5 tricks you are left with no excuses! Make these 5 simple changes and you will see a big difference in your daily routines! You will feel happier, more energized and of course healthier!


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