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You begin to unpack your groceries after a healthy shopping spree. Your mouth is watering as you dig through all the healthy snacks you just bought. Recipes and ideas are running through your head and then suddenly you pick up your favorite… avocados. Guacamole! I’m going to make guacamole! You tell yourself.  As you rush to set up all your ingredients for the perfect guacamole you grab your knife and begin to cut the avocado. Half way through you realize why isn’t this cutting??? Unfortunately the avocado isn’t ripe yet and you can’t do anything with it :( This is a situation that has happened to me a few times and it most definitely sucks. With these simple tips you will never encounter this issue again when picking avocados, and you will finally be able to make that guacamole!

Step 1

Check the skin of the avocados you’re going to pick, if it’s a darker shade the chances are that the avocado is riper than the lighter shades. If the avocado has indentations or dark patches it may be over ripened and bruised avoid!

Step 2

Hold the avocado in the palms of your hand and gently squeeze with your fingertips. If the avocado is slightly tender you got yourself a good one. Avoid if the avocado feels like a squeeze ball for it is too ripe and won’t be very good. If the avocado is hard this means it is not ripe yet and should not be cut until a few days later. Normally I buy a few hard ones and store them for the week and a couple of softer ones for instant usage.

If you are purchasing a pre-packed bag of avocados make sure the general feel of the bag is hard. The last thing you would want is a bruised over ripened avocado that you can’t do anything with!


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