hydration habits 460Hydration is key in the summer and it’s very easy to become dehydrated. At high temperatures the body sweats and releases electrolytes (minerals that maintain balanced fluid levels) via sweat. Dehydration could cause fatigue, confusion, headaches and potentially fatal consequences. 

But you don’t only have to drink liquids to re-hydrate! You will be happy to see that certain foods actually provide a good amount of water that will help you stay hydrated!

It’s one of the most hydrating veggies out there! Not only does it taste delicious but cucumber can save you on a hot summer day! Chop up some cucumbers and enjoy them out in the sun!

Chia Seeds
These trendy seeds are hydrophilic, meaning they absorb lots of water when added to smoothies, milk, or yogurt. Think of Chia seeds as a sponge for liquids!

Regular or Greek, it’s got protein, electrolytes, calcium, and is 85 percent liquid. Top with fresh berries or freeze for a cool, hydrating summer snack you will guarantee yourself to stay hydrated. 

There’s a reason this is called watermelon: It’s loaded with H2O. A chilled slice or two is ultra filling and hydrating and also gives you a little calcium. Buy half a watermelon and enjoy the wonderful taste of this fantastic fruit, while staying hydrated.

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