SG-HD-famWelcome back everyone!

This is the 4th week that the Natesway’s Circuit Sunday Challenge has been going on. I’ve received hundreds of emails with nothing but positive feedback! I hope you find these weekly challenges beneficial and you keep supporting Natesway! This week will definitely be difficult so prepare yourselves!
This circuit will have a total of 3 stations. Each station has 3 different exercises that will be completed for 1 minute each.

Station 1
1 minute Hamstring Curls – (For this you will use the hamstring curl machine, set the weight to a reasonable amount where you can do many repetitions)
1 minute Alternating Lunges + Dumbbells –  (Hold two dumbbells, one in each hand and perform a lunge forward with your chest proud and back straight, then switch legs) ***make sure when lunging, your knee doesn’t pass your big toes***
1 minute Farmers Walk – Grab a pair of heavy dumbbells (I prefer holding a 45 pound plate in each hand, it has a nice grip) And walk for the full minute with the weights by your side.

Station 2
1 minute Dumbbell Bench Press – 
(Use about 60% of your max repetition weight and make sure you have someone to spot you)
1 minute Pull-Ups – If you have trouble completing a pull up, jump up on the bar and slowly lower down with control for negatives.
1 minute Should Raises + Dumbbell – For this exercise stand straight with your chest proud and back straight without leaning backwards and raise your arms to shoulder level. Make sure knuckles are pointing to the ceiling. ***Slight bend in the knees and arms is fine during this exercise***

Station 3 
1 minute Plank – 
Keep body straight and parallel to the floor. Keep core muscles and glutes engaged with no arch in the lower back.
1 minute Scissors – Lie on the floor and raise both legs towards the ceiling. Keeping them both straight lower 1 leg to about 6 inches off the floor then bring it back up and switch.
1 minute Crunches –  Simple ab crunch, keep legs at 90 degrees together and perform the crunch. ***Keep eyes looking at the ceiling to reduce strain in the neck.

Aim to complete each station 2 times by the end of the week for a total of 18 minutes! This is an intense full body circuit that will guarantee you results! Hope you enjoy this weeks circuit! Stay tuned for more articles on Natesway and see you next week for the week 5 challenge!


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