goalsThe main problem with trying to get in shape with a new diet or workout routine is not having a set structure. Without setting a goal for yourself, you’re left without structure and less motivation. We tend to think too far ahead and end up forgetting about the present moment. Short term goals are super important! Not only is it more structured nit you will have a lot more motivation during your transformation.

Imagine that you were hired for a new job. The pay isn’t much but you were assured on your first day that if you work hard and do a good job you will be given a promotion the following month. Wouldn’t you feel more inclined to work harder for this promotion? Let’s flip the scenario, If you were hired for the same position and they never informed about a promotion down the line, chances are you probably wouldn’t work as hard as you would have before. See what I’m trying to illustrate here? Once you set up a goal you give yourself something to look forward to. Long term goals are excellent as well but shouldn’t be the primary focus. Example “I want to lose 40 pounds by next summer” This is very good, but focus more on the short term goals so there is less wiggle room for error!

Short Term Goals
If weight loss is what you are trying to accomplish then start by setting yourself up with a weekly goals. If your going to the gym 3 times a week, maybe your goal can be to add a fourth day. Setting goals like eating more home cooked meals and more vegetables are very good examples! With these types of goals you will stay motivated and have a lot more to look forward to.

You can also set a monthly goal for yourself Example: This month I want to lose 10 pounds and drop a belt size. This is doable goal and once you reach it you can create another goal for the following month. This is how you bring structure to your plan. Eliminate the wiggle room and focus on the present and near future.

There is no reason why you would work harder for a promotion to gain material wealth but you wouldn’t work hard to reach your fitness goals for INTERNAL wealth!  All you need is dedication, perseverance and organization to accomplish this and it will all be worth it when you get to where you want to be.

Remember “there is no shortcuts to any place worth going”



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