Ever find yourself confused about the different types of bottled water? You’re not alone! For the longest time, I honestly had no idea what distilled water was! It seems like such a simple answer but I just never knew! Luckily I gathered information on the main types of waters and made a list for you guys to check out! So here you go!

Mineral Water

  • Water obtained from under ground sources that are protected. Usually its “sparkling” which means it contains natural carbon dioxide making it bubble.

Spring Water 

  • Underground water that flows naturally to the earth’s surface or could be pumped from the source. “Natural spring water” means it hasn’t been processed in any way.

Bulk Drinking Water  

  • Tap or spring water that’s filtered with ozone. The minerals are removed and may be re-added.

Artesian Water

  • Water from an underground rock formation that comes to the surfaces naturally through a man-made hole known as a well.

Distilled Water

  • Is produced by vaporizing the water, then condensing it in a way that takes out all dissolved minerals. Rain is a perfect example of naturally distilled water. There is a lot of controversy of whether or not one should drink distilled water.

Purified Water 

  • Usually used in labs and for medical purposes, this water is treated by chemical or physical processes to remove the dissolved solids, including minerals.

Seltzer and Soda 

  • Filtered and artificially carbonated tap water that usually has added sweeteners and sodium. This is considered soft drinks, resort to Mineral Water for a natural and healthier alternative.

If you drink bottled water often, follow these simple tips to make sure your drinking water is as pure and safe as possible.

  • Try to buy your water in glass containers, the plastic bottle has been shown to contaminate the drinking water.
  • Choose products from companies that belong to the International Water Association (IBWA), they follow the FDA’s bottled water standards.
  • Don’t drink plastic bottled water that sat in the car for long periods of time, recent research has shown it can become VERY toxic.
  • If you are very cautious check the source of where your bottled water comes from, you want to avoid highly industrialized areas!

Hopefully you find these tips interesting! Thank you for tuning into my blog and if you enjoyed this article please subscribe to my free newsletter and keep up with all my newest posts!


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