Sabrina Weight lossI’ve known Sabrina for about 10 years and it gives me great pleasure to see her transformation over the years. She overcame many issues and been through a lot more than the average person. What she learned along the way strengthened her personality and gave her a greater understanding of fitness and nutrition. Find out how she lost 45 pounds and how she dealt with being bullied most over teenage years.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you accomplished.
I’m 22 years old and have lost 45 pounds. The process was not easy but through this experience I finally found a lifestyle that works for me.

2. What inspired you to take action and make this incredible change?
The bullying that I endured throughout my childhood and teenage years was the initial reason for wanting to change. In the beginning I did it because I wanted to prove to everyone that I was capable of losing weight but throughout the process, I changed my viewpoint. I started making it about myself and what I needed because I knew that if I didn’t do it for myself, I would never be truly happy with my body.

3. Did you find it difficult to stay on track during the process?
I found it difficult to stay on track when I was not seeing the results that I wanted. I used to tell myself that it was a waste of time and I should quit because the results won’t ever show. I began to realize that patience was the key, and the changes that I expected to see won’t happen instantly. I started to appreciate the little physical changes that were happening to my body instead of rushing to arrive at the end result. This mindset kept me motivated throughout my journey and is what ultimately got me here today.

4. Did you receive a lot of criticism for being overweight? How did you work past it and stay strong?
I was bullied for my weight throughout my childhood and it only got worse when entering my teen years. I always had a complex about my body but the negative comments that were said only resulted in my lower self-esteem. I internalized a lot of my sadness and later on used it as motivation to accomplish my weight loss.

5. Were your friends and family encouraging you during the experience? If so, do you find it helped you stay motivated and kept you going?
My family has always been my biggest support system and I can’t thank them enough. It was extremely motivating for me to have them by my side during the process. Their positive energy and motivation kept me going when I felt like giving up. To this day, the support that I receive from my family, boyfriend and friends is always appreciated.

6. What are some of the benefits you got from the whole experience?
My weight loss has given me increased energy, self-esteem and happiness. I am finally happy in my own body and confident in the lifestyle I live.

7. There are so many options for people to lose weight but many are still finding it difficult to achieve. What exactly did you do to lose that weight?
My initial weight loss happened through Weight Watchers, which was a helpful process to teach me about portion control. The first time I went to weight watchers I reached my goal weight and unfortunately, several months later I gained half of it back. I decided to go back in April of 2011, where I reached my goal weight again and finally became a lifetime member at in July of 2012. This was a huge motivation for me and was the driving force to how I live my life today. I train 4-5 times per week focusing on different areas at each workout. My workouts are concentrated around strength training with only 15 minutes of cardio at the beginning. It’s important to nourish your body constantly with good nutrients; therefore I eat 6-8 meals per day. I believe in listening to my body and nourishing it with the proper nutrition whenever I am hungry.

8. If you were able to go back in time before you made the change what advice would you give yourself?
I would tell myself to lose weight for myself and not for anybody else. I would also tell myself to not concentrate only on losing the weight but instead appreciate that I will become healthier for my future through the process.

9. Do you have any advice for those who don’t know how to get started?
My advice to those who wish get started it to always have realistic goals and to understand that change does not happen overnight. It is important to comprehend that both exercise and eating healthy are vital for a lifelong weight loss.

1o. Thank you Sabrina for this inspiring story, do you have any last pieces of advice you’d like to share with our readers?
Have confidence that you are able to achieve whatever you put your mind to. You are the only ones that can control your weight loss journey. There will always be obstacles in your way, but don’t let it discourage you and lead you off your path. Always remember that no matter how slow the progress is, every step you are taking towards your weight loss goal counts.


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