nonheme ironDo you have an iron deficiency? You’d be surprised to know that it’s more common than you would think! Women especially have been shown to have low levels of iron. It’s important to stack up on dark leafy greens like kale and spinach and occasionally have red meat. Red meat is packed iron and should be part of your diet.

Here are 7 signs that may indicate whether you are iron deficient or not. 

Had a good nights sleep, ate a nice healthy breakfast and had a coffee but you still feel tired? This could be caused by lack of iron. Iron carries oxygen to the blood and if there’s not enough iron there you won’t have enough oxygen circulating causing fatigue.

Pale Skin
If you find yourself paler than usual, it could be caused by the reduced amount of blood flow and low blood cell count. Iron helps in the production of red blood cells and increases overall blood flow.

Extra Sore Muscles
Usually we get sore after a good training session, that’s normal but if you’re experiencing extensive muscle soreness that doesn’t seem to go away, you may be iron deficient!

Brittle Finger/Toe Nails
Now I don’t mean if your nail brakes often that means your iron deficient, but lack of iron could result in weak and brittle nails.

Hard To Catch Your Breath
If you find it hard to catch your breath from doing small tasks such as walking up the stairs or walking to your car, this could be caused by lack of iron. Remember Iron feeds the blood oxygen and oxygen feeds the body.

Trouble Focusing
If you find it hard to focus on simple tasks this could be because you’re lacking iron. The oxygen in the blood is what fuels and feeds the organs, muscles and everything else. Without it your brain won’t be able to function at its optimal level.

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