100calWhen you think of low calorie foods, veggies are on top of the list. But have you ever wondered how low calorie they really are? The chart below will show what 100 calories of different vegetables looks like. Can you imagine that you need to eat 18 celery sticks to hit 100 calories!? I think I’d be full for days after eating 18 celery sticks.

Asparagus32 spears106
Avocado1/3 of the fruit106
Beet (sliced)1 1/2 cups94
Bell pepper (green)4 medium peppers95
Bell pepper (red)3 1/3 medium peppers103
Broccoli (raw)10 (5-inch-long spears)105
Brussels sprout14 heads106
Carrot (baby)2898
Cauliflower (raw)30 flowerets98
Celery18 (8-inch stalks)101
Corn (sweet white)Kernels from two ears118
Cucumber2 (8-1/4-inch cukes)90
Green bean (cooked)2 1/4 cups98
Kale (cooked)3 cups109
Lettuce (romaine)1 head106
Mushroom (raw)20 large101
Onion (raw)2 medium92
Pea (cooked)3/4 cup94
Potato (russet)3/4 small100
Potato (sweet)2 small108
Radish (raw)70 large101
Spinach (raw)45 leaves98
Summer squash (raw)3 medium94
Tomato (grape)48108
Tomato (roma)3 medium105
Zucchini3 medium94

Chart adopted from FitSugar

Now that you know this, you can literally eat as much veggies as you can without worrying about calories!

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