Finding it hard to climb the stairs after an intense leg day? I feel you, trust me. Luckily there is a solution to our painful problems… swimming! Yes swimming is an incredible tool to help recover the body from a hard gruesome week of training. The water adds the perfect resistance for your muscles allowing them to move without much tension. 

The cardio aspect of swimming helps get your blood pumping which flushes out the inflammation and lactic acid that’s stuck in the muscles after a hard training. The beauty about swimming is there is no tension on the joints or muscles so you can get a good work out without really noticing those sore muscles!

If you are feeling sore after an intense workout and still want to get a good workout in, find a local pool and swim for about 20-30 minutes. You will find it very surprising how beneficial swimming actually is. If you’re not a great swimmer, try to find a friend who can teach you the basics and work your way up.  

Have fun!


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