This Anti-Gay commercial aired back in the 1950’s. Although the content of this commercial is highly offensive and disturbing we could still learn a lot from it. Imagine  this commercial was airing today. Perhaps you are watching the football game and it turns to a commercial break, suddenly this commercial plays. It wouldn’t take longer than 10 seconds before you  would freak out and protest over such a fucked up commercial and you wouldn’t be alone. This is because we have evolved both culturally and as humans. We got a lot smarter and this is mainly due access of free and unlimited information provided by the internet.

There was no internet back in the 50’s. People believed whatever was shown on television because it was there main source of information. Now with the internet these forms of social control are near impossible to accomplish. We still have a long battle ahead of us for the acceptance of homosexuality, considering 33 states still have same sex marriage banned!?!?! But in comparison to the 1950’s it would look like a victory.

There should be no reason why anyone would be upset with the choices individuals make. If someone is gay, who cares? What’s it to you? The moment we realize we are all one, will be the moment we thrive as a civilization.

I wonder what the people of 2100 would say about the world in 2014. 

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