I found Kristy’s story on another blog and had to have her on. Her story is unique and inspirational and needs to be told! She has battled with her weight for years and finally won. Now she is working to become a wellness coach and help others make positive changes!

1 – Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you accomplished.

My name is Kristy and I live in Austin, Texas with my husband and dog, Harvey. I
grew up in Sterling Heights, Michigan (in the Detroit metropolitan area). I work for
a chain of running stores in Texas and am working on my certification to become
a wellness coach.

I finally lost and have kept off 65 pounds after a lose-gain battle throughout most
of my 20s. I finished my first half-marathon last November and am set to run my
second one this March.

2 – What inspired you to take action and make this incredible change?

I spent a lot of years trying to lose weight. During one of my losing “cycles” a
friend (rudely) pointed out that I should try to keep the weight off this time. It hit
me like a ton of bricks. I decided that I couldn’t keep doing the yo-yo and I
needed to better understand nutrition in order to make my weight loss stick this

3 – Did you find it difficult to stay on track during the process?

Of course. Life gets in the way and sometimes it’s just easier to make unhealthy
choices or skip going to the gym because we think we’re too busy. And
sometimes, maybe we are. The days you are too busy, you can give yourself a
break and move on. But the days that you aren’t, you need to be in the gym.

4 – What helped you stick with it and not give up? Because I know it can get

When I was growing up there was no emphasis on healthy eating or proper
exercise. This eventually led to my weight gain since I really didn’t understand
what the difference between a fat gram and a calorie were. I don’t want that to be
the case for my children. I want healthy habits to start at home – and that started
with me getting healthy.

5 – Were your friends and family encouraging you during the experience? If so,
do you find it helped you stay motivated and kept you going?

Yes, I had a circle of friends who were super supportive. I was living in Utah during most of my transformation so my family wasn’t close by. I started going to
a gym with my friends and it really helped me stay on track. When you have
someone who is counting on you to be there, it makes it easier to show up. Plus
it doesn’t seem so grueling when someone else is there with you.

Onnit DigesTech6 – What are some of the benefits you got from the whole experience?

When I was losing the weight it was actually a complete life changing experience.
Not only did my eating habits change, I also started going to the gym so my
schedule was different as well. But it caused me to evaluate some other things in
my life as well. Do my circle of friends fit the life I want to lead – are they
supportive of the “new” me. Is my job a positive part of my life or does it cause
too much stress? I had to ask myself all these questions. When people tell you
losing weight is really a lifestyle change, they are right.

7 – There are so many options for people to lose weight but many are still finding
it difficult to achieve. What exactly did you do to lose that weight?

I initially joined Weight Watchers to keep me on track with weight loss. While I
was there, I learned about proper portions and the different types of food groups.
Once I got settled in with a new diet, I joined a gym. Working out with friends help
me keep going. I eventually worked with a trainer and we worked out a nutrition
plan that met my training needs.

8 – If you were able to go back in time before you made the change what advice
would you give yourself?

I would have told myself to not give up as easily. There were so many times like I
said, that I would lose-gain that I wish I didn’t have to go through that.

I would have also told myself to start running sooner. I have pretty much hated
running most of my life. But once I finally gave in to my friends telling me to run
with them, I realized that I loved it. I could solve a lot of my problems while I was
running. It is a big stress reducer in my life.

9 – Do you have any advice for those who don’t know how to get started?

Start small. You don’t have to know all the answers right now. You don’t have to
do everything right now. The only thing you need to do is some thing. Start by not
drinking your calories. Change to whole-wheat bread and brown rice instead of white. Eat veggies with every meal. Walk 30 minutes every day. If you can’t do all
these things, pick one. Every choice you make moves you closer or farther from
your goals. Tomorrow start making one good choice at a time.

10 – You have an inspiring story! Do you have any last words you’d like to share
with anyone?

My favorite quote is, “Never, never, never give up,” by Winston Churchill. You are
going to have good days and bad days – deal with the bad days and move on.
Don’t dwell on them and let them send you down a spiral of multiple bad days.
It’s okay to give yourself a break now and then.

I talk about my past struggles (and sometimes current) on my blog I try to be as honest as possible about things because I
know other people are fighting the same battle I did. You can read my entire
weight loss story here: and please follow me
on Twitter @losemovelive.

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