relaxation-techniquesNature has bestowed humanity with many gifts. The greatest of these is the human body. According to the ancient philosophy which has been proven by the modern science, the human body is made of five fundamental elements of nature. The human body is also the most complex of the designs that go beyond all the realms of human invention or discovery. The importance of massages can be best realized after a long day of exhaustive work. The body is tired, but the mind is still actively thinking and planning about the future plans and events. There is no sleep and this state can affect the human anatomy and psychology in more damaging ways than any other stress factor. In order to understand the health benefits and enjoy massages one has to consider

  • The different types of body massages 
  • Oils and the other soothing liquids used for massaging 
  • Techniques used for massaging 
  • The time duration and pressure points 
  • Short term and long-term healthy benefits of massages

There is practically n-number of massage types. However, one has to choose the type of massage that suits his/her current physical condition, health and at the same time consider allergic elements before jumping into enjoy massages. The more common types of massages  are

The Aroma massage: – This is best suited for stressful conditions, physical, mental and psychological. The core element is the oil (one can choose for either warm or cold oil, but better to avoid too hot oil at the time of massage). Coconut oil, rosewood oil, Eucalyptus oil and other medicinal related oils can be used. Many of the traditional methods from south India (Kerala and tamilnadu) use a combination of coconut oil and gingerly oil. A fine paste of turmeric, when mixed, gives additional immunity to the human body. These are the healthy benefits of massages.

Intense tissue-massage: – This method involves gentle and repeated massaging of muscles and delicate tissues connected with the muscles. Usage of medicated oil and herbs mixture gives additional relaxations to every tissue. Besides, the nervous system gets a refresher. As the medicated oil seeps through the skin pores, the body gets revitalized and gets back to its natural status

Ayurvedic massage: – Streamlines the energy flow within the central nervous system, brings co-ordination from tip of the forehead to toes. Relaxes the mind and takes it to the peak performance levels. Slow massaging combined with acute pressure on certain body pain points removes all the stress and strain.

Book yourself a massage and enjoy the wonderful and relaxing benefits that come along with it!

Namaste Nate

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